Imaging and laboratory

Digital radiology

Radiography of the thorax of a Great Dane dog using DR technology.



Abdominal ultrasound of a cat lying on its back.





Endoscopy in a cat performed by Dr Michel Cosimano DMV.




Laboratory of Hôpital Vétérinaire de l'Est Inc.(member of MONVET Veterinary Group Inc.)

Our internal laboratories are equipped with high-performance machines that allow us to execute numerous analysis on site and obtain results rapidly, most of the time in less than one hour.

This is of particular importance in emergency situations when making an early diagnosis can make a world of difference between starting the right treatment for the condition affecting the animal that is being tested and giving a symptomatic treatment « blindly». On top of that, the decision to proceed or not with a treatment is easier for owners to make if they know what their animals are dealing with.

Even if the situation is not an emergency, it is interesting for clients to have the tests results back before they leave the premises. Furthermore, by doing the tests ourselves, instead of sending the samples out to an external laboratory, monitoring of hospitalized patients is more effective because the waiting time to get the results back is shortened.

Here are many analysis that we can do on site: blood analyses (hematology and biochemistry), urine and stool analysis, evaluation of the hormonal system (cortisol level, thyroïd hormones level), cytologies (evaluation of cells under the microscope) of skin lesions or ear secretions, screening for Heartworm and Lyme disease in dogs and leukemia and FIV viruses in cats, etc.