Companion animal food

Get him off to the right start! Feed him the food that suits him best.

As a pet owner, you are no doubt concerned about finding a food that is both palatable and of high quality.

However, how do you go about finding this food among the many foods available on the market? In our veterinary hospitals, you are sure to find the food that is best adapted to your pet's nutritional requirements according to its stage in life and health status.

Thanks to research, all of the ingredients contained in our diets have been carefully chosen for the beneficial effects they provide. The combination of these ingredients ensures optimal nutrition not only to pets who are in good health but also to those who are sick.

Whether your best friend is growing, in the prime of life, or is older and suffering from renal or cardiac insufficiency, arthritis, or food allergies, you will find here food specially designed for different diseases and regular food for healthy animals. 

You should also know that even before reaching our shelves, our foods have been subjected to rigorous quality controls. That way, you can be sure that when your pet is eating food that comes from here, that food has passed the test!

At your next visit, please do not hesitate to ask for advice from one of our veterinarians or animal health technicians. They will be more than happy to help you find the food that best suits the needs of your pet. 


Companion animal treats

This is sooo good!

Your pet's health is important to you and that's why you give him high quality food. Now, you would like to reward him for his good behaviour, teach him new tricks or just simply spoil him by offering him treats?

At your disposition on our shelves, you will find many excellent treats that will complement his basic diet. A high nutritious value combined with a limited caloric intake make our treats an excellent choice that allows you to spoil your best friend without fearing to harm his health or to make him gain weight.

You might think that because he is fat or that he suffers from food allergies that no treat will suit him? You could not be more wrong! Many nutritious treats have been specifically created for these conditions, and many more, and will not affect his health.

So go ahead and make him, and yourself at the same time, happy! After all, being in good spirits is often what helps animals, and the humans who love them, make it through difficult times.


Prescription diets

Food shelves at Hôpital Vétérinaire de l'Est Inc. (member of MONVET Veterinary Group Inc.)

In our veterinary hospitals, we offer a wide variety of prescription diets from these three companies, Hill’s® Prescription Diet®, Royal Canin Veterinary Care® et Purina Veterinary Diets®.

However, what does the term « prescription diet » actually mean? Prescription diets are diets that have been formulated to help treat or prevent, in companion animals, the development of certain health problems, such as periodontal disease with premature tooth loss, hyperthyroidism in cats, diabetes, and even urinary calculi. 

Nutrition is a health field that requires a great deal of knowledge. The labels found on food bags do not tell the whole story and it's not easy to understand what the information written on them means. Our medical personnel has been specifically trained in animal nutrition and is best able to decrypt this information.

Veterinarians, being the only animal health professionnal and individual completely qualified to objectively judge the health status of animals, is the only one who can take their specific needs into consideration and make the appropriate recommandations. This is why prescription diets are only sold by veterinarians.

When next you come in one of our hospitals, be sure to come see a member of our team. He or she will know which prescription diet you should feed your animal with.


Small mammal and bird food

We also have food for them on our shelves.

You are looking to buy food for your rabbit, your ferret, your rat or your parakeet?

We know that these animal species have become very popular in the last few years and that they now hold as special a place as traditionnal companion animals amongst Quebec families.

Thus, to meet the demands of this particular clientele, a few of our veterinarians practicing at Hôpital Vétérinaire de l’Est Inc. (member of MONVET Veterinary Group Inc.) expanded their knowledge and acquired specific additional training in exotic animal medicine. Hence, they can judiciously advise people concerning the choice of food that is appropriate for these non familiar pets.

They have chosen a wide variety of food that is suited to meet the nutritional needs of small mammals, rodents, rabits and birds with the same concern for quality than with food destined for cats and dogs.

So feel free to ask them for advice when next you come see us!

Weight loss program 

I really need to eat less and exercise more!

Your companion animal carries around an excess weight? He might even be obese? Did you know that one extra pound on a dog or a cat is the equivalent of 30 to 40 extra pounds in humans?

It is now well known that obesity is not only an esthetic problem but that it is an important factor that keeps the body in a proinflammatory state and that it contributes to the development of many diseases such as, amongst others, arthritis, diabetes and heart disease.

In our veterinary hospitals, we offer a weight loss program for cats and dogs. This program takes into account not only the weight of the animal but also its basic conformation. Therefore, it is adapted to each individual's specific condition. It is a free service that we provide and is done by our animal health technicians.

So, don't wait until the disastrous consequences of obesity occur in your animal. Call us now to make an appointment and make sure this problem doesn't get any bigger than it already is!