Boarding and additional services

Boarding for companion animals

Interior runs for dogs

Your floors need to be varnished? The exterminators are coming to fumigate your home? You are going on a trip?

The boarding service of the three veterinary hospitals members of MONVET Veterinary Group Inc. is at your disposal to watch over your companion animal temporarily.

When pets are housed here, we ensure that their physical needs are met by giving them fresh water and fresh food every day, by cleaning out cats' litter boxes every day and by taking dogs outside two to three times per day.

We also make sure that the animals are comfortable at all times while they are here. We put blankets underneath cats to keep them warm and dogs are kept in spacious interior runs instead of cages so that they can move around freely.

Thus, you can leave with peace of mind and entrust your precious friend to us during the renovations at your place or while you are away from home. Our attentive medical staff will see to it that he stays healthy until you come back for him.

However, if you want to make sure that you get a spot at the right dates, please call in advance to reserve it, specially during busy periods like summer vacations, holidays, and long weekends.

Boarding for small mammals and birds

We have plenty of space for them too!

You plan on leaving your home for a few days and you are looking for somebody to take care of your hedgehog while you are gone? We are here to help!

Indeed, the veterinary hospitals members of MONVET Veterinary Group Inc. offer a boarding service not only to cats and dogs but also to small mammals and birds.

So, they can either be covered with hair, in feathers or with quills, all these animals are welcome here. Thus, you can leave in peace while you trust us with your pet and and we will make sure to give him back to you in the same condition he was in when you brought him over before, that is happy and with a full belly.

As for dogs and cats, we recommend that you reserve a place for your non familiar pet in advance during busy periods like summer vacations, holidays and long weekends.

Nail trimming

A dog having his nails trimmed in the blacksmith position

Is trimming your animal's nails a task that you do not look forward to take on every month and that you always put off until the next day?

You don't have to worry about it anymore! In fact, you could be done with this ignoble task for ever by simply making an appointment with us in one of our veterinary hospitals.

Our dedicated staff is at your disposal to cut your companion animal's nails by using non restraining techniques such as the « Cat friendly » technique with cats and the blacksmith position technique with dogs. These techniques are known to minimize the anxiety that the animals, and their owners, feel when their nails are being trimmed.

The nail trimming service is available for all species of companion animals except for reptiles. Take advantage of it and keep the peace between you and your best friend!

Nail covers installation

Does your cat still manage to damage your furniture, your curtains and maybe even your arms despite the fact that you trim his nails regularly?

Did you know that plastic nail covers that you can glue on top of his own nails? Their rubber texture with rounded contours prevents scratches and prevents your cat's nails from getting stuck in fabrics and skin.

You can get these nail covers in one of our veterinary hospitals and apply them on your cat's claws yourself or have them put on by us. Our experience and our know-how will minimize the time required to install them which in turn will make your cat better cooperate with us the first time and the other times after that.