Clinique vétérinaire Au Pied du Mont inc.



Better safe than sorry! Call us to make an apointment or to have prescribed the medication that your pet needs until fall to prevent him from getting infected with parasites.


1950 Chemin du Fer-à-Cheval
Sainte-Julie, Québec, J3E 2T7

Telephone Number: (450) 922-1343
Fax Number: (450) 922-1370


Monday:  9am to 6pm
Tuesday: 9am to 8pm
Wednesday:  9am to 8pm
Thursday: 9am to 8pm
Friday:  9am to 5pm 
Saturday: 9am to 2pm
Sunday:  Closed

Our top-priority: your companion's wellbeing!

Better known by the local population as Clinique vétérinaire Bertomeu inc., we joined the ranks of Groupe vétérinaire MONVET inc. in September 2017.

After Hôpital vétérinaire de l'Est inc., À Mon Chat, À Mon Chien, Hôpital vétérinaire inc. and Hôpital vétérinaire du Richelieu inc., our clinic became the fourth member of the Group. With the start of this brand new adventure, a change of name was in order and we became the Clinique vétérinaire Au Pied du Mont inc.

Our integration within the Group allowed us to increase the number and the quality of services offered to our feline and canine clientele thanks to, among other things, the acquisition and the sharing, with the other establishments belonging to the Group, of highly sophisticated devices such as a surgical laser, a therapeutic laser, a physiotherapy bathtub, digital radiology, dental radiography, an ultrasound and an endoscope.

Furthermore, the modernization of our in-house lab now enables us to execute, ourselves and on site, numerous blood tests in addition to the basic tests that we were doing already (Heartworm screening, stool and urine analyses, microscopic evaluations of ear secretions and of skin cells, etc).

That way, by obtaining the results of these tests quickly, we often can get a precise diagnostic and give the appropriate care to animals without delay, which can in turn make a big difference in their recovery.

Finally, again to better serve our clients, we extended our opening hours so that we can greet people and their pets now also on the weekends and later during the week.

So, be it for a simple routine physical exam or for a medical or surgical emergency, our dynamic team, which is composed of veterinarians, animal health technicians and support staff, will welcome you with much competence and professionalism during our comprehensive opening hours.

Don't hesitate to come see us !