Active ingredients:

Fusidic acid and bethamethasone

Description of the drug:

Isaderm® is a gel which contains an antibiotic (fusidic acid) and a glucocorticosteroid (betamethasone). It must be applied directly to the skin.


It is used locally to treat certain bacterial infections of the skin of domestic animals and also to control inflammation.

Contradications :

Unless otherwise directed by the veterinarian, this gel should not be used in animals with allergies, corneal ulcers, or pregnant females.

Nor should Isaderm ® be used to treat deep skin infections.

Please talk to a veterinarian or consult the product insert that accompanies the product for more information regarding contraindications.

Side effects:

The betamethasone contained in the gel can cause a local skin thinning. When the dose is too high, the product can hinder the healing of wounds.

Please see the product insert for additional side effects.

Recommended monitoring:

It is recommended to consult the veterinarian in charge of the animal again if the problem does not improve after 3 days or if it gets worse.

Interactions with other drugs:

Isaderm® may interfere with the effectiveness of certain medications if used simultaneously. You can ask your veterinarian which ones.

Please notify the veterinarian if your pet is already taking any other drug (s) before starting treatment with Isaderm®. This will ensure that they are compatible.


Store at room temperature, below 25ºC.


It is important to apply the gel for the entire period prescribed by the veterinarian.

The gel should not be applied to the animal's eyes because it may cause a burning sensation. If this happens, rinse eyes with plenty of water.

The animal should not swallow the product, therefore he must be prevented from licking the treated area.

Wash hands thoroughly after handling the product.