Advantage Multi®

Active Ingredients:

  • imidacloprid
  • moxidectin

Drug description:

These ingredients kill certain parasites living inside the animal and on their skin.


It is used to prevent pets from catching heartworm and intestinal worms such as roundworms, hookworms and, in dogs, whip worms.  

This product is also effective against fleas, ear mites, body mites and, in dogs, sarcoptic mange.


This product should not be used in very lean animals, kittens under 9 weeks of age, and puppies under 7 weeks of age unless advised by the veterinarian.

Please discuss with a veterinarian or consult the product monograph that accompanies the product for more information on contraindications.

Side effects:

Side effects are very rare. Those that are most often seen are vomiting, lack of coordination, decreased activity level or appetite, diarrhea, nervousness, weakness, and itching.

Hair may also fall where the product has been applied, but this side effect is rare.

Please see the product monograph for additional side effects.

Recommended monitoring:

It is recommended to perform a heartworm test every year in dogs to detect the presence of this parasite, even if they receive medication every month from spring to autumn.

Interactions with other drugs:

Advantage Multi® can interfere with the effectiveness of certain medications if used simultaneously. You can ask your veterinarian which ones.

Please also tell the veterinarian if your pet is already taking any drug(s) before starting treatment with Advantage Multi®. This will allow him or her to make sure that they are compatible.


Keep the product at room temperature.

Avoid excess heat or cold.


Keep this product out of the reach of children and animals.

Do not rub the product on the animal's skin after applying it, nor wash the animal for 48 hours.

If side effects occur and are severe, worsening or continuing, please contact a veterinarian as soon as possible.