Your dog does « happy peepees »?

What is a « happy peepee »?

It is very common for dogs to pee on the floor when they are stressed or excited. For example, when their owners come home or when someone interacts with them. This urination is called "happy peepee".

The behavior is usually triggered by physical contact (eg, petting) or when the person talks excitedly to the dog or with a high-pitched voice.

It is usually puppies who "happy pee", although adults sometimes do it too.

Are « Happy peepees » normal?

Basically, this is a normal way that puppies use to demonstrate their submission to the adult dogs that come before them. This is why "happy peepees" are also called "submissive peepees".

This behavior becomes problematic when the puppy or the adult dog does it as soon as it is excited, happy or uncertain. When he repeats it often, it is usually because the dog is anxious or hyperactive and has difficulty controlling his emotions.

What can I do to help get rid of this problem?

Here are our 6 recommendations:

  1. Identify situations in which the dog "happy pees";
  2. When these situations arise, avoid giving him attention until he has calmed down. That means do not pet him, talk to him nor look at him;
  3. Once he is quiet, you can interact with him calmly and for short periods at first so that the intensity of his emotion does not increase too quickly;
  4. Do not pet the top of your dog's head as he may perceive this gesture as being dominant, especially if the dog is of a sensitive nature. It is best to pet him on the back or under the throat instead;
  5. Share these tips with your friends, your family and visitors so that they can use them as well. Indeed, people coming to visit is very exciting for dogs;
  6. In case the dog does urinate on the ground, do not reprimand him because it could increase his anxiety and lead to a repetition of the problem. It is better to ignore him and simply clean the mess up without saying anything.

What is going on beneath this « uncleanliness »?

It is common to believe that when a dog urinates on the floor it’s because he is simply messy. However, there is usually a good reason behind the behavior. There could be a medical condition (eg urinary tract disease, fear  or a failure in housebreaking training ).  

It is therefore very important to consult a veterinarian without delay when the animal is doing a "happy peepee". By quickly identifying and correcting the cause of the problem, we increase the chances of getting rid of it once and for all. 

Your dog "happy pees"? Make an appointment at one of our establishments so that we can help you find a solution to this problem.

Text created in January 2019