Active ingredient: 


Drug description:

This drug prevents blood platelets from gathering together to form a clot. 


This drug is used primarily in cats to prevent blood clots from forming, for example in heart disease. 


It should not be used in animals that have low blood platelets or when they do not work well. 

Side effects:

Clopidogrel is generally well tolerated by cats. Some may lose appetite, vomit or bleed. 

Recommended monitoring:

According to the instructions of the veterinarian in charge of the animal. 

Drug interactions:  

Clopidogrel may interfere with the effectiveness of some other drugs if used at the same time. You can ask your veterinarian which ones.

Please also tell the veterinarian if your pet is already taking any medication before starting treatment with clopidogrel. This will allow him or her to make sure that they are compatible.

Formulations available : 

This product is available in tablets.


Store at room temperature.


Administer the product with food if the animal is vomiting.

If bleeding occurs, contact your veterinarian.