Muro 128®

Active Ingredient: 

Sodium chloride 5%

Drug description: 

It is a hypertonic ophthalmic ointment (highly concentrated).


This medication is used in pets to temporarily relieve corneal edema (a build-up of water in the cornea that gives the appearance of a veil on the eye).

Recommended follow-up: 

The veterinarian in charge of the animal will need to regularly check the condition of the animal's cornea. The frequency of re-evaluations will depend on the condition of the animal and the cause causing the corneal edema.

Form available: 

The Muro 128® is available as an eye ointment.

Storage : 

Keep the vial upright at room temperature (15 ° C to 30 ° C).

Warning : 

This product should never be used without supervision by a veterinarian. 

This product may cause irritation or a temporary burning sensation when applied to the eye. 

It is recommended to stop the medication and to consult again the veterinarian in charge of the animal if: 

  • the problem is not cured at the end of treatment 
  • the appearance of the eye gets worse during treatment 
  • the animal seems uncomfortable when applying the ointment 
  • there is no improvement 2 or 3 days after the start of treatment 

Wash hands after handling the product.

Clean the eye with a non-irritating solution indicated for this purpose before applying the medication.

Avoid touching the eye with the tip of the container and disinfect it with rubbing alcohol after each application.

Close the animal's eyelids and gently massage them for a few seconds to fully spread the product over the entire surface of the eye.

Prevent the animal from rubbing the area near the eyes after application. If necessary, put an Elizabethan collar ("lampshade") on him.

Discard any ophthalmic preparation 1 month after opening the container.

Apply solutions before ointments when multiple ophthalmic medications of different textures are used at the same time.

Wait 5 minutes between the ocular products to allow time for each one to be absorbed.