Installation of an intravenous catheter in a cat

Prepping the paw

The paw must be shaved first, to avoid contamination of the catheter site by the animal's fur.

The skin is then cleaned and sterilized so that no bacteria from the cutaneous flora gets in the animal's bloodstream.

Catheter installation

While holding the leg, one animal health technician presses down on the vein to make it get bigger and more easily visible.

The catheter is inserted by another technician. 

Securing the catheter

A closed cap is placed at the tip of the catheter. This avoids blood from spilling everywhere.

The catheter is then stabilized andfixed in place with medical tape. To protect it even further, a bandage is put around it.

Intravenous fluids

If we need to give IV fluids, we remove the cap and we fix the fluid's tubing to the catheter.