Revolution® PLUS

Active ingredients:

  • Selamectin
  • Sorolaner

Drug description:

This is a liquid dewormer for cats that is applied directly on the skin of the neck.


This medication is used in cats to prevent and treat flea, ear mites and some tick infestations (black-legged and American dog ticks), and roundworm infections.

Also, Revolution® PLUS is effective in preventing hearworm infections.


Unless otherwise advised by a veterinarian, this product should not be used in kittens less than 2 months old, nor in pregnant or lactating keens, nor in cats that are sick, weak or emaciated.

Side effects:

Some cats lose hair ou are itchy at the application site.

Rarely, cats drool excessively, eat less or vomit after being treated with the product.

Please consult a veterinarian or the product monograph to get more information on its possible side effects.

Available forms:

This product is available in liquid form.


Do not touch the application site for 2 hours, and do not get it wet for 2 days.


Store at room temperature.

Keep away from flames, as this product is flammable.