Fortekor® (benazepril)


Benazepril chlorhydrate



Benazepril is one of the angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors. It prevents the constriction of blood vessels and reduces arterial hypertension by easing the blood flow.



Fortekor is used for cardiac disease or for patients suffering from hypertension. It is also used with chronic renal insufficiency and for kidney diseases that cause protein to be lost in the urine. In dogs, this medication is useful for cardiac diseases, such as mitral regurgitation or a cardiomyopathy with dilation. In cats, it is useful for a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.



Do not use, unless advised by a veterinarian, if your pet is allergic to a beta-lactamine class antibiotic, if he suffers from kidney disease or is under 4 months of age.



This medication is well tolerated in small animals. Adverse effects rarely present themselves. It can however cause a certain toxicity in the liver or kidneys. It is also possible that your pet experiences a loss of appetite, vomiting, reduced activity, depression or an anaphylactic reaction, that is to say a serious allergic reaction. Fortekor can also cause anemia, a reduction in the efficiency of the immune system, a problem with the blood platelets or a problem with coagulation. If your animal presents any serious adverse side effects, that worsen or persist, contact your veterinarian immediately.



It is important to observe whether the condition of your pet improves and if he presents any side effects. It is strongly recommended to do an annual follow up with your veterinarian to verify the good functioning of the kidneys, the electrolyte levels in the blood and the blood pressure.



Do not use fortekor, unless advised by a veterinarian, if your pet takes an antidiabetic agent, aspirin, a diuretic, lithium or potassium supplements.



Store at room temperature. Excess heat and cold are to be avoided. This medication should be protected from humidity. Pills cut in half must be returned to the aluminum packaging and should be used within the 48 hours following the opening of this packaging.



Do not reduce the dose of or stop this medication without the consent of your veterinarian. Respect the expiration date of the product because an expired product may be less effective or potentially dangerous for the health of your pet. *Keep out of the reach of children and animals.*

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