Housebreaking Training

Housebreaking training begins with 24 hour surveillance. Ideally, your dog should follow you everywhere and in every room. When you notice him assume the position to urinate and/or defecate, pick him up in your arms and carry or lure him outside. Never scold him or even say "No!".


Always bring your dog outside after he's played, slept or eaten. These are the key moments in which he is most likely to "do his business". Once he's finished, reward him immediately with treats and praise. Do not return your dog inside right away, since he might associate this action with the end of his outdoor time. This should be a fun activity since it allows him to smell new smells, get some exercise and perhaps, meet new people and other dogs. By using the outdoors as an "elimination site", your dog will be motivated to not do his business indoors, all on his own.


When you cannot supervise your dog, the use of a cage is very helpful. It should not measure more than one and a half times the length of the dog. This precaution generally prevents the dog from splitting his cage into a pipi corner and sleeping area. He will therefore be more inclined to hold on. When you let him out of his cage, take him outside right away since his need to relieve himself will be urgent. 


Then, patience will be all that is required to do the rest of the work. Some dogs are clean after only a few days, while others may require more time. Adult dogs that are not housebroken are not a lost cause. With calm, clear and consistent training, we can overcome anything!