The dog trainer's role

What exactly does a dog trainer do?

The dog trainer's role is primarily one of mediator. He is there to help you better understand your dog and his needs, so that you may develop a long and beautiful relationship with him.


This is what is taught in various obedience and kindergarten classes. These classes help teach the dog good manners, while respecting him for what he is.


The dog trainer will also be there to mend broken relationships. Unfortunately, the majority of behavior based problems are caused by miscommunication between the two parties or a poor understanding of the physiological or psychological needs of the dog. However, there iare solutions to the vast majority of these disorders. Some, like phobias, are caused by a lack of socialization, and those related to aggression are usually more difficult to eliminate completely. It is however possible in most cases, to greatly reduce the annoyances and allow the dog to be more balanced. It may prove to be almost impossible to cure in only a small percentage of dogs. For behavior related problems, the dog will require a private consultation.

The owner's role

It is important to understand that the dog trainer is there to answer your questions and guide you, through various exercises, in the proper education or rehabilitation of your dog. He is not there to educate your dog for you. We must therefore, be ready to invest a minimum of time with our time. It is often possible to adjust the dog's therapy, to suit ones lifestyle. The majority of the work is done by the owner, and therefore, the time it takes before you may notice the results will depend on you. Overall, the hard work pays off. The time that you spend with your dog will strengthen the bond you share.


So good luck, stay calm and above all, have fun!