Canine neutering

As soon as your pet leaves the hospital, you become entirely responsible for your pet’s welfare. We recommend that you follow these instructions, to ensure that your pet has a normal recovery without any complications.


1) It is important that you observe your pet’s appetite, stool, and urine production.


2) Examine your pet’s wound every day. It should not be red, swollen, painful, foul smelling, or release any kind of discharge.


3) You need to respect your pet’s need for rest, avoiding any rigorous exercise for the next 14 days. A quiet walk on a leash is permitted if your dog seems in shape for it.


4) Your pet must wear the collar that we provided to prevent your dog from licking his wound until we remove his stitches.


5) Your dog’s stitches will be removed 10 to 14 days later. A technician will check the wound to make sure that it has healed normally. This follow-up is free although you must make an appointment.


6) An anti-inflammatory drug may have been prescribed for your pet to reduce any post-surgical pain and inflammation. It is important that you follow the instructions on the label very carefully.


After an anesthetic procedure, you may find that your dog seems more tired and lethargic. Do not worry, your pet should return to his normal behavior very soon.


Anesthetic drugs may sometimes cause constipation on certain patients. If this is the case for your dog, there is no cause for alarm, unless it persists for more than 2 days.


We recommend that you wait 2 hours upon returning home before feeding your dog. If you should have any concerns about your dog’s recovery, please do not hesitate to contact us. A technician will be happy to answer any of your questions.


We thank you for your trust !!