Your dog or your cat has a wound infested with myasis?

MiaseHere is information that you will want to know.

Myasis come from a fly that has laid eggs. It preferably chooses a moist skin surface or a wound so that upon hatching, the larvae can feed on flesh. Myasis measure anywhere from just a few millimeters to one centimeter in length.These infestations occur in summer and mainly in animals that are weakened, soiled or paralyzed.

The diagnosis is simple and consists of finding a maggot on the skin or in a wound.

Treatment involves correcting the primary causes; dirty surroundings, wound, infection. Wounds need to be shaven and cleaned. Larvae need to be removed. If the animal is well enough, this is best accomplished under general anesthesia. Antibiotics and pain medication prescribed when needed.

Prognosis is good but depends more on the animal’s overall health.