Drug description

It is an antibiotic belonging to the macrolide class.


It is used for a variety of infections caused by certain types of bacteria in small mammals.  


Do not use, unless directed by your veterinarian, if your pet suffers from a hepatic disease or if it is allergic to antibiotic in the macrolide class. 

Information available soon.

Recommended monitoring

It is important to observe if your pet's state of health improves and if he develops side effects. 

Interactions with other medications

Azithromycin can affect the efficacy of certain other drugs if they are used at the same time. You can ask your veterinarian to tell what those other drugs are.

Also, please inform the veterinarian if your animal is already being treated with those medications before starting the treatment with azithromycin. This will allow him or her to make sure that they are compatible.


Store at room temperature, excessive heat or cold should be avoided.


Respect the product's expiration date as an expired product could be less efficient or potentially harmful for your pet's health. *Keep out of reach of children and pets.* 

As prevously mentioned, this medication is an antibiotic. Thus, it is important to follow the prescription and finish it, as not doing so can contribute to antibiotic resistance. Consequently, even if your pet no longer shows clinical symptoms, there can still be bacteria that will develop and cause another infection. If this occurs, your pet will need to receive another antibiotic, as the bacteria will have become resistant to this one.