An entropion is an inversion of the eyelid or part of the eyelid; the eyelid roles towards the cornea. The condition can affect one eyelid only, or only in worst cases, all four eyelids.It is more often than not, a congenital condition (the animal was born with the condition, and is generally diagnosed before the age of one year) though we may encounter certain acquired conditions (the problem developed following an eye disorder).Breeds known to be most affected by this problem are; the brachycephalic breeds like Carlins, Boston Terriers, Pekinese, Boxers. Some giant breeds presenting a surplus of facial skin like the Saint-Hubert hound and Saint-Bernard and also breeds with multiple skin folds like the Sharpei and Chow Chow.

Depending on the severity of the entropion, the animal may display different signs to the affected eye caused most often by the hairs rubbing against the cornea like; serous discharge in the eye (transparent liquid resembling water), mucoid or even purulent discharge, redness of the conjonctiva, itchiness, blepharospasm (spastic closure of the eyelids), corneal ulcer, and in the worst cases, can cause corneal perforation.

The veterinarian will need to perform a series of ophthalmic tests in order to evaluate the integrity of the cornea and the eye in general. If the cornea is damaged or if there is a presence of conjunctivitis or even pain, the condition must be considered a priority. Several medications or tools may be prescribed depending on the condition; lubricating gel for eyes, antibiotic cream, the Elizabethan collar, and perhaps an oral medication. Then, we must take care of the defective eyelids.

Surgical correction is the method of choice. When the entropion is severe, however, we must wait for the animal’s growth to finish before undergoing surgery. Performing surgery too early before the end of his growth may sometimes createwith time, the opposite problem, an ectropion. Mild entropion cases are often resolved simply by the puppy’ s growth. In the mean time, it may be necessary to temporarily correct the eyelid’s problem by preventing it from rolling into the eye by placing sutures. Once growth has finished then the sutures are removed and we proceed with permanent surgery.

Permanent surgery can be done a number of different ways depending on the severity of the case .If the entropion is mild, use of a laser to superficially “ burn” the eyelids, there by creating a tightening of the skin, may be sufficient in eliminating the problem in one step and sometimes a “retouching “ will be done a couple of weeks later. If the entropion is severe, we must remove the excess skin flaps (with the use of the laser to reduce bleeding )and place sutures on the remaining portion to reconstruct a normal eyelid. An Elizabethan collar should be worn throughout recovery and ophthalmic medicine or oral medication will be prescribed.