What is it?

Maggots are fly larvas.

When flies lay their eggs on a dog, they do it preferably on the skin that is wounded or moist, so that when they hatch, the larvas, whose length varies between a few millimeters and a few centimeters, can feed on cutaneous tissue.

Maggots infestations are frequent in pets, specially those that are weak, soiled or paralyzed. They happen mainly during periods when the outside temperature is warm.

The diagnosis

The diagnostic is easily confirmed by the visualisation of the maggots on the skin or in a wound.

The treatment

The treatment consists of correcting the primary problem : wound, infection, uncleanliness, etc.

The wound needs to be shaven and cleaned, and the maggots removed. If needed and if the dog's health status allows it, a wound debridement under general anesthesia is the most efficient method of eliminating them.

Some medication might also be used to kill the larvas, to fight a possible bacterial infection and to control pain and inflammation.