Bilious vomiting syndrome


It is a syndrome probably caused by gastroduodenal reflux and occurs when the dog’s stomach has been empty for long periods of time(eg. fed only once a day). It is an illness reported in dogs, without any predisposition to age or sex. It usually affects dogs that are healthy, but a concurrent gastric or intestinal illness (causing an obstruction) can be a risk factor. The vomit consists of a yellow liquid and usually occurs late in the evening or early in the morning, just before eating.


The physical examination is normal, with no anatomical abnormality or pyloric obstruction, and there are no inflammatory changes in the gastroduodenal mucosa (gastroduodenoscopy evaluation). Blood tests and abdominal x-rays are usually normal.


Treatment is to simply feed the dog several times a day (especially later at night) so that the stomach does not remain empty for long periods of time. A prokinetic (drug that increases gastric peristalsis) can be added if vomiting persists. In general, most dogs respond well to therapy (dietary and/or medicated).
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