Laser therapy

Some information on laser therapy. It consists of the emission of radiation in the form of beams of photons. The wave length of this light is exploited to stimulate cellular function, which results in accelerated healing, reduced pain and a reduction in the number of bacteria present.

By suppressing the nociceptors* of the region and by increasing the secretion of endorphins*, the laser has a pain reducing effect.

By reducing the accumulation of liquid (oedema) and activating the lymphatic drainage the laser also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

The laser has an effect on wound healing as well: by increasing the production of fibroblasts and collagen, which are essential for tissue repair, healing is much faster. The laser also increases the number of capillaries* in the region, which accelerates the closing of the wound and reduces the formation of scar tissue.

The indications for laser therapy are numerous. The laser helps healing significantly, but does not replace anti-inflammatories, antibiotics or the recommended exercises.

Indicated for dogs with:

  • Gingivitis;
  • Dermatological problems (hot spot, granuloma from licking, anal glands, etc.);
  • Surgical wounds;
  • Cases of otitis.

As for the results, an improvement can be noted in two to four sessions as for the treatment of acute pain and in one to seven sessions for chronic pain. For wounds, an improvement can be noted after only one session.