Following an orthopedic surgery, a period of convalescence for several days to several months, will be necessary, depending on the type of surgery. We now offer a post-surgical rehabilitation service to facilitate the healing process and to ensure a return to normal activities as quickly and safely as possible.

There are several treatment options that can be used to accelerate the healing process while reducing the pain. A program is created according to the condition of your pet, the type of surgery and your availability. It will be reevaluated frequently throughout the convalescence to be adjusted depending upon the progress. Each exercise prescribed has one or more specific uses aimed at reinforcing certain muscles, returning flexibility to the joints, minimizing muscular atrophy, reducing pain and above all avoiding irreversible changes to the articulation following a prolonged immobilization caused by pain. To avoid complications (fracture, ruptured implants, acute pain…) it is important to not skip a step, to not over exercise and to listen to his needs (recognize signs of discomfort, stress). Here are some examples of exercises that can be found in a rehabilitation program:

  1. Passive extension movements: are used immediately after the surgery and up until the joint regains its initial flexibility. Furthermore, they can reduce pain and calm an anxious animal
  2. Stretching
  3. Assisted walking to increase the confidence of the animal and avoid stiff joints
  4. Proprioception exercises
  5. Walking with a leash, walking with a leash on an incline
  6. Treadmill
  7. Aquatic treadmill
  8. Swimming
  9. Standing-sitting exercises
  10. Therapeutic laser
  11. Use of hot and cold
  12. Etc…

If you are interested in the rehabilitation program, contact us. An evaluation before the surgery by a veterinarian in rehabilitation should ideally be done. During this evaluation, certain measures will be taken (amplitude of movement, circumference of the members, weight) to help us establish a starting point for the rehabilitation program and quantify future progress. We can discuss your expectations, the implication necessary, your availability and explain the goals aimed for by the program that will be created for your animal. Furthermore, if the therapeutic bath is prescribed for your animal’s problem, a trial session will be strongly recommended prior to surgery to evaluate if he is a good candidate for the bath or if he is too stressed. This will help us to avoid post-surgical injuries, reduce the stress that your animal may feel during his recovery and reassure you in the process!!!