Akita Inu

Breed: Akita Inu

Family (group): Utility dog

Nationality: Japan

Weight (kg) : 30 - 50 
Size (cm) : 61 - 67 
Fur type : short, hard and straight, with soft and dense undercoat


Coat: All colors including white, brindle and pinto. With or without mask.

Origin and histoiry: The ancestors of this breed would be Chinese dogs crossed with Mastiff and Tosa. It was long used as a large game hunting dog (reindeer, wild boar, black bear of Japan) and as a company dog.

Personality: Robust, vigorous, independent, calm and very courageous, it's a hunter, multi-purpose and a very good guard dog.

Maintain: He needs daily brushing. Combing during moulting.

Note: He should not be kept in narrow spaces. He needs an outlet, for example, training courses.