American Staffordshire Terrier

Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier

Family (group): Terriers

Nationality: United States

Weight (kg) : 17 - 20 
Size (cm) : male: 46 - 48, female: 43 - 46 
Fur type : Short, tight and hard

Coat: All colors are accepted, unicolor, bicolore, tricolore, ect. The coat containing more than 80% of white, black and tan, and brown must not be encouraged. 

Origin and history: Made from the Bull Terrier Staffordshire, the breed was created for dog fighting, bigger and stronger.

Personnality: Robust, resistant, tenacious, courageous, independant and stubborn, he's a good compagnon for human but agressive with other dogs. He must be strongly discipline by a young age. Life in appartement doesn't suit him, he needs lots of space.

Maintain: He needs to be brosh one or two times a week.

Note: He is used as a guard dog, but also for compagny.