Breed: Barbet

Familly (groupe): Water dog

Weight (kg): 20 - 25
Size (cm): 50 - 54
Type of fur: long, wolly, corrugated and thick

Coat: Single-colored black, grey, brown, tan, sand, white and more or less varigated.

Origins and history: He existed during the medieval times in Europe under the name of water dog and was
destined to be a duck and swan hunter. He may be regarded as the ancestor of the Poodle or Bichon.

Personnality: Powerful, rustic, vigourous, resistant to the cold and humidity. He loves swimming, is never
aggressive and is a gentle and affectionate companion.

Maintain: If the Barbet is not groomed regularly, it's fur can become very tangled.

Note: Adapts well to the city but cannot be left alone for very long. Does not do well in heat. Used
as a hunter as well as a companion.