Bredd: Barzoï

Family (group): Lévrier 

Nationality: Russia

Weight (kg) : 35 - 45
Size (cm) : male: 70 - 82, female: 65 - 77
Fur type : long, soft and wavy

Coat: All colors are acceptables: one color or spotted on white background. 

Origin and History: Controversial origins, probably the result of crossbreeding of different Asiatic greyhounds and the polar dog Laïka, probably with other undetermined crosses. The breed was set in Russia in the 16th century.

Personality: Attached exclusively to his master. Not very patient with children. He is elegant, intelligent and faithful. May be aggressive towards other animals.

Maintain: Brush two (2) to three (3) times a week.

Note: Need a lot of space and exercise. Used as a watchdog, hunting or companion. Was used by the Russian nobility for the wolf hunt.