Breed: Basenji

Family (group): Spitz type hound

Nationality: Africa

Weight (kg): male: 11 ; female: 9.5
Size (cm): male: 43 ; female: 40
Fur type: short, very fine, tight, shiny

Coat: Black and white, red and white, black and red. Always with white
socks, chests and tail tips.

Origins: Originally found in Pygmy ethnic groups in Congo, it’s one of the oldest breeds in the world. Their
ancestors, the Tesem and the Hound of Egypt, were prominent in Pharaoh’s tombs.

Personality: Playful and affectionate, even with children. They enjoy a moderate amount of exercise, and do not
like humid climates or solitude.

Common health issues: Females will only be in heat once during the year.

Maintain: This breed required daily grooming with a glove.

Additional notes: Instead of barking, this dog vocalizes. They are clean dogs and will groom themselves, akin cats;
therefore, they give off very little odor.