Breed: Beagle

Family (group): Hound

Nationality: Great Britain

Weight (kg): 15 - 20
Size (cm): 33 - 40
Fur type: short, dense, waterproof

Coat: All colours are recognized, except liver. Always tricolor or bicolor.
Snout and tip of the tail are white.

Origins: They’ve existed in Great Britain since Henri the XVIIIth. Three kinds existed: the Beagle of the South, the
Beagle of the North, and the Small Beagle. They were exclusively used for hare and rabbit hunting.

Personality: Playful, energetic, intelligent and quick, they have even temperaments. Have a very good sense of
smell and voice. Lovely family pet, but not well-known for their obedience skills.

Common health issues: Prone to otitis due to long ears.

Additional notes: Used as a hunting dog or a pet.