Bedlington Terrier

Breed: Bedlington Terrier

Family (group): Terriers

Nationality: Great Britain

Weight (kg): 8 -10
Size (cm): 38 – 41
Coat: thick and fluffy

Colour: Blue with a black snout, chestnut or sable with a chestnut snout,
with or without red in the coat. A dark pigmentation is encouraged.

Origins: Born in Bedlington, England, in the XVth century; they come from greyhounds, whippets and dandie
dinmont terriers.

Personality: Easy to train, they are built sturdy, are very athletic, and are very courageous. Very affectionate, they
love children.

Maintenance: They must be sheared two or three times a year, as well as groomed daily with a hard

Additional notes: They can find life in apartments enjoyable, but must be walked daily. Used as ratters, guard dogs,
or pets.