German Sheperd

Breed: German sherperd

Family (group): Sheepdog

Nationality: Germany

Weight (kg): 30-42
Size (cm): 35 - 65
Fur type: medium length, straight, harsh and stiff. Thick, dense undercoat.

Coat: Black coat with brown-red, brown, or yellow to grey markings. Solid
black or shaded grey. Black mask. Small, discrete white marks on the chest
are tolerated. The undercoat is light grey.

Origins: Towards the end of the XIXth century, middle and South Germany sheepdogs were crossed in order to
create a highly functional dog. Some Scottish sheepdogs were also brought into the mix.

Personality: Incredibly obedient and loyal. Quick, lively, and intelligent, they are easy to train but need a firm
master as they can become destructive and aggressive otherwise.

Common health issues: Peri-anal fistulas, degenerative myelopathy, hip dysplasia.

Additional notes: Very athletic dog who needs space, exercise, and a sense of accomplishement. Uses: work dog,
military, hounding, rescue, defense, guide dog, pet.