Australian Sheperd

Breed: Australian Sheperd

Family (group): Sheepdog 

Nationality: United States

Weight (kg) : 20 - 25
Size (cm) : 46 - 58
Fur type : medium length and texture, straight or wavy

Coat: Black, merle blue, liver, red. With or without white or red markings. White is allowed on the throat, chest, paws and under the snout.

Origins and history: Descendant of Australian sheepdogs, this breed was born in California in the 20 th century. It was commonly
used as farm or ranch herding.

Personality: Incredibly sportive, resistant, quick and intelligent, it can run up to 60km/day. Affectionate, gentle and
very loyal, they make for wonderful companions. Talented for tending to large herds.

Maintenance: A regular grooming suffices.

Note: Doesn't do well in small spaces or apartments.