Belgian Sheperd

Breed: Belgian Sheperd

Family (group): Sheepdog

Nationality: Belgium

Weight (kg): 28 – 35
Size (cm): 56 – 66
Fur type: Groenendal and Tervueren: long, straight and abundant, with very dense undercoat.
Malinois: Very short on head, around ears and sometimes under the paws. Short on the rest of the body.
Laekenois: Harsh, dry.

Tervueren: All reds, tans and greys, mixed
Malinois: Tan with black mask
Groenendal: Only zain black
Laekenois: Tan with charcoal traces on snout and tail

Origins and history: They are descendants of herds of dogs from Europe or the result of a cross between Deerhound and Mâtin
breeds, from England in the 13 th century. There are 4 kinds: the Malinois, from Malines. The Tervueren: long, tan
fur, coming from the town of Tervueren. The Groenendael: long, black fur; named after its previous owner’s castle.
The Laekenois: tan, harsh fur, named after the castle of Laeken, where it was raised.

Personality: Nervous, sensitive, impulsive and dynamic, they must always be expanding energy. They are very
attached to their master and do not accept brutality. Their training must be done with patience, gentleness and a
firm hand.

Maintenance: Long haired dogs will need a weekly grooming.

Additional notes: He is recognized as a sheepdog, police dog, rescue and a good compagnon.