Beauceron Sheperd

Breed: Beauceron Sheperd

Family (group): Sheepdogs 

Nationality: France

Weight (kg) : 30 - 40
Size (cm) : 61 - 70
Fur type : cropped on the head, dry and strong, short and close to the body. Very short, fine, dense and fluffy undercoat

Coat: Bicolor (black and red). Low red and very striking black. Red markings can be found over eyes, on the snout, throat and tail. Can also be Harlequin.

Origins and history: Descendant of « prairie dogs », they were once sheepdogs for herds in the Basin of Paris. The name “Beauceron” or “Bas-Rouge”, comes from his red markings on the tip of his limbs. Could possibly be the result of a cross between a Mastiff and Doberman.

Personality: Dynamic, courageous, fast and resistant, they are also loyal to their master, gentle with children and thrive
in families. Prone to being dominant in presence of other males.

Maintenance: Needs two or three weekly groomings. Filing the spigots needs to be done regularly.

Notes: Imperatively needs space and exercise. The apartment life does not suit them. He also needs a strict