Picardy Shepherd

Breed: Picardy Shepherd

Family: Sheepdog

Nationality: France

Weight (kg): 19 - 31.7
Size (cm): 55 - 66
Hair type: hard and rough

Color standards: Gray, gray-black, gray-blue, gray-red, light or dark fawn.

Origin and history: It is said that the Picardy is the oldest French shepherd. The ancestor of Celtic dogs brought during various invasions. It was officially recognized in 1923, and breeders again set the breed in 1948.

Personality: It is a rustic dog, vigorous, courageous, balanced and stable. In addition, he is very resistant, impulsive at work, energetic and affectionate.

Known Health Problem: No health problems particular to this breed so far.

Note: Requires regular brushing