Dutch Sheperd dog

Breed: Dutch Sheperd dog

Family (group): Sheepdog

Nationality: Holland

Weight (kg): +/- 30
Size (cm): 54 - 62
Coat: short: fine and wooly
long: straight
cropped: dry, hard and slightly wavy

Colour: Short and long hair are golden or sliver with black stripes. Cropped hair is blue-blalck/grey-black

Origins: Breed originating from the 19th century in the South of Netherlands. They are the result of a cross between the Malinois and other local sheepdogs.

Personality: Quick, enduring, affectionate, docile, loyal and obedient, it can sometimes be aggressive towards other dogs.

Common health issues: N/A

Additional notes: Very agile at jumping. Must be brushed regularly. However, the cropped hair has two shedding seasons.