Bichon Maltais

Breed: Bichon Maltais

Family: Pleasure dog

Nationality: Central Mediterranean Basin, Italy

Weight (kg): 3 - 4
Size (cm): 20 - 25
Hair type: long and silky

Color Standards: Pure White

Origin and history: True origin unknown

Personality: Robust, tireless, lively, playful, provocative, tender, very calm, little barker and adorable companion

Known health issues: Patellar dislocation, progressive retinal atrophy, entropion, glaucoma, hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia, deafness and dental problems

Hereditary illness

Patellar dislocation (patella)
• Dysplasia (developmental anomaly) of the hip and elbow
• Aseptic necrosis (degeneration) of the femoral head

Predisposition to diseases

• Hypothyroidism (decreased hormone production by the thyroid gland)
• Cataracts
• Hydrocephalus (water in the brain)
• Distichiasis (row of supernumerary eyelashes that point to the cornea)
• Portosystemic shunt (short circuit of the liver through the bloodstream)
• PDA (persistence of ductus arteriosus)
• Deafness
• AHMI (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia)
• Enteropathy (bowel disease) with loss of protein (lymphangiectasia)
• Meningoencephalitis (inflammation of the meninges and brain) necrotizing