Family: Sheepdog

Nationality: Great Britain

Weight (kg): 25 - 30
Size (cm): 56 - 61
Hair type: abundant without being excessive, rough texture

Color Standards: All shades of gray, gray or blue. The body and hindquarters are of uniform color, with or without small white marks at the extremities of the limbs. The head, neck, fore limbs and lower belly should be white.

Origin and history: It is believed that it results from a cross between briard and Russian cutcharka which is related to Hungarian shepherds.

Personality: Gifted with great vigor, player, turbulent, they are neither fearful nor aggressive. This dog is very affectionate, docile, faithful and very well suited for guarding. With enough space and exercise, it makes a great pet.

Known health problem: Daily brushing is very important.

Note: At the beginning of the 18th century, their tails were amputated so that they were easier to identify, hence the name bobtail. This dog was once used to lead flocks of sheep and protect them.