Bearded Collie

Breed: Bearded Collie

Family (group): Sheepdog

Nationality: Great Britain

Weight (kg): 20 - 30
Size (cm): 51 - 56

Coat: Shaggy and rough, with a tight and soft undercoat

Colour: Steel grey, copper red, black, blue, all greys, brown and sable, with or without white markings

Origins: One of the oldest breeds from Scotland, it’s the result of a cross between a Scottish sheepdog and a Polish sheepdog. The XXth century almost saw the extinction of the breed, replaced by the Boota.

Personality: Alert, confident and fearless, they’re playful and affectionate dogs who aren’t prone to aggressiveness. They love children, are incredibly loyal and have a good sense of smell.

Common health issues: Will form knots in their fur if not groomed bi-weekly.

Additional notes: The adult colors don’t appear until the dog is 3 years old; the coat will vary in colour before then. They track truffles very well. Apartment life suits them if outings are frequent.