Breed: Chihuahua

Family:: Pleasure dogs

Nationality: Mexico

Weight (kg): 1 - 3
Size (cm): 15 - 23
Hair type: long and wavy or short and tight / shiny

Color Standards: All colors are accepted

Origin and History: This dog comes from the Mexican state of Chihuahua. It was introduced in the United States around the nineteenth century and in Europe soon after.

Personality: Affectionate, devoted, kind, lively, courageous, attached to their master.

Known health problems: Patella dislocation, Legg-Perthes-Calvé, eye conditions, heart disease, hypoglycemia, trachea collapse.

Note: A good companion for children but can be aggressive towards strangers. Must have a firm training. This dog is sensitive to cold and shivers when excited or nervous.

Hereditary illness

Patellar dislocation (patella)
• Dysplasia (developmental anomaly) of the hip and elbow
• Aseptic necrosis (degeneration) of the femoral head

Predisposition to diseases

• Hydrocephalus (water in the brain)
• Malocclusion (poor alignment of the jaws) and dental problems
• Tracheal collapse (collapse of the trachea rings)
• Umbilical hernia (navel)
• Cleft palate (cleft palate)
• Cryptorchidism (testicle retained)
• Cataracts
• Valvular diseases and cardiac endocardiosis
• Hypothyroidism (decreased hormone production by the thyroid gland)
• Portosystemic shunt (short circuit of the liver through the bloodstream)
• Calculations (stones) urinary