Breed: Dalmatian

Family: Utility dog

Nationality: Dalmatia, coastal region of Croatia.

Weight (kg): 23 - 27
Size (cm): 54 - 61
Hair type: Short, hard and smooth

Color Standards: The bottom of the dress is pure white. Two varieties of color are accepted for the spots: black or brown (although the brown one is more rare). Stains, 2 to 3 cm in diameter, should be round, well defined, and not overlapping.


Origin and History: The Dalmatian comes from the cross between the stingrays of Bengal, the bull terrier and the pointer.

Personality: Dog enduring, sporty, calm, docile, affectionate, very gentle with the children. Little barker, not aggressive but good watchdog.

Known health problem: Progressive atrophy of the retina, glaucoma, diabetes, deafness, bladder stones.

Note: The puppies are born white, the spots appear progressively and do not take their definite pace until the age of one year.