Brittany Spaniel

Breed: Breton Spaniel

Family: Stop Dog

Nationality: France

Weight (kg): 13 - 18
Size (cm): 46 - 25
Hair type: dense, rather fine and slightly wavy

Color standards: White and orange, white and brown, white and black, tricolor (white, black and fire) or roan (colored hairs or mixed with white)

Origin and history: One of the descendants of Oysel dogs trained in the Middle Ages to hunt birds at the net. This breed comes from the cross between farm dogs from Brittany and setters, pointers and springers.

Personality: Player, affectionate, dynamic, with a great need for exercise. Resistant, ardent, tireless, balanced, gentle and sensitive.

Known health issues: hip dysplasia, glaucoma, spinal paralysis, attacks, heart disease and liver disease.