Siberian Husky

Breed: Siberian Husky

Family (group): Nordic sled dog

Nationality: Northern Siberia

Weight (kg): 16 - 27
Size (cm): 51 - 60
Hair type: thick, medium length

Color Standards: The coat can be black, white or intermediate color

Origin and History: The husky was already used as an animal by the Inuit when it was discovered by fur traders in the 19th century and introduced to North America in 1909.

Personality: The husky is a pleasant companion because they are affectionate and sociable. On the other hand, they tend to run away if he doesn't spend enough energy. They love exercise, hunting and running.

Known health problem: hip dysplasia, progressive atrophy of the retina and other eye diseases

Note: Very unhappy in apartment, it is made for outdoor living.

Hereditary illness

• Juvenile cataracts
• Corneal dystrophy (growth disorder)
Patellar dislocation (patella)
• Dysplasia (developmental anomaly) of the hip
• Progressive atrophy (degeneration) of the retina

Predisposition to diseases

• Hypothyroidism (decreased hormone production by the thyroid gland)
• Cryptorchidism (testicle retained)
• Epilepsy (convulsions)
• Bronchiectasis (bronchial crush)
• Glaucoma (increased pressure in the eye)
• Dermatosis (skin disease) responding to zinc
• Eosinophilic disease (eosinophils)
• Uveodermatological syndrome (uveal and skin)
• Alopecia-X (absence of hair)
• Ectopic ureter (in the wrong place)
• Pneumothorax (spontaneous air infiltration into the thorax)
• Pannus
• Thyroid cancer