Lhassa Apso

Breed: Lhassa Apso

Family: Tibetan Dog

Nationality: Tibet

Weight (kg): 6 - 7
Size (cm): 25 - 28
Hair type: long, plentiful, rough and straight

Color Standards: Golden, Sand, Honey, Dark Gray, Slate, Brindle, Black, White, Brown.

Origin and history: For a very long time, this ancient race was exclusively raised in Tibet. Lhasa Apso appeared in western countries only in 1921.

Personality: They have a strong personality, and are stubborn. They are a loving companion and full of vivacity, they can not bear the solitude.

Known health problem: dislocation of the patella, progressive atrophy of the retina, entropion, spinal disorders.

Note: This is an excellent horn that has an eagle bark.