Manchester Terrier

Breed: Manchester Terrier

Family: Terrier

Nationality: Great Britain

Weight (kg): 5 - 10
Size (cm): 37 - 42
Hair type: short

Color Standards: Black and Fire (Intense Mahogany). Marked separation between the two colors. The muzzle, jaw, throat, extremities of the body and the inner side of the hind limbs are fire. They have a small spot on each cheek and above each eye. The body and the fingers are jet black.

Origin and History: Little is known about the history of the Manchester Terrier, but it seems that the breed has not been established for a long time. It has ancestors hunting burrows of the mid-19th century. He would descend from the English white burrow as well as Dachshund, King Charles and Whippet. The Italian Greyhound and the Doberman also contributed to its development. It owes them its color and its smooth and shiny hair. The slightly arched back would come from the Italian greyhound.

Personality: This dog is sturdy, courageous, ardent, stubborn and fast. They are an affectionate and cheerful companion, but need a firm education. We can even say that they are lively, excitable and bite.

Known health problem: No particular health problems known to date

Note: Fits very well in apartments. They need to be socialized.

Potential Problems: It can bark unexpectedly, and lack of exercise can cause runaways.