Italian Greyhound

Breed: Italian Greyhound

Family (group): Greyhounds

Nationality: Italian

Weight (kg): 3.5 - 4.5
Size (cm): 32 - 38
Hair type: short, thin and glossy

Color standards: Black, blue, cream, fawn, mahogany, white or any of these colors tinged with white.

Origin and History: This breed descended from small greyhounds that existed in ancient Egypt. The breed arrived in Italy in the 5th century BC and grew to rebirth.

Personality: They are an affectionate and devoted dog towards his masters. They’re hypersensitive, so do not raise your voice against him. It is a calm dog, who needs a smooth education.

Known health problem: dislocation of the patella, progressive atrophy of the retina, autoimmune diseases.

Note: It is sometimes difficult to control during walks, and training in cleanliness is difficult.