Rhodesian Ridgeback

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Family: Running dog

Nationality: South Africa

Weight (kg): 35
Size (cm): 61 - 69
Hair type: short, dense and smooth, with a dorsal crest clearly defined in the opposite direction of the rest of the coat.

Color Standards: From light to red fawn wheat. Head, trunk, limbs and tail should be uniform in color. A little white on the chest and on the fingers is admitted.

Origin and History: It owes its name to the ridge of hair on its back (ridge). It would have for ancestor a dog used formerly by the Hottentots, crossed with dogs imported by the first colonists coming from Europe in the 17th century, in particular Mastiffs, Mastiffs and Bloodhounds.

Personality: Rustic, strong, very enduring, very fast and courageous. With a good flair, this dog is a hunter of the beast. They can be aggressive with their peers and needs a rigorous education.

Known health problem: They need brushing twice a week.

Note: It is not suitable for city life because it takes a lot of exercise. They’re used for hunting, guard, police and companion dog.