Saint Bernard

Breed: Saint Bernard

Family: Molossoid mountain type

Swiss nationality

Weight (kg): 50 - 91
Size (cm): 61 - 70
Hair type: short, dense and smooth, or long and straight.

Color Standards: White with more or less large plates of mahogany-brown color.

Origin and history: This breed descends from the mastiffs of the Alps which were introduced in Switzerland during the passage of the Roman armies. The current St. Bernard was the result of a cross with Newfoundland and German mastiffs.

Personality: It is a dog quiet, gentle, kind, sociable and devoted. They love children. On the other hand, they’re suspicious to strangers and if the circumstances require it, they can be aggressive.

Known health issues: hip dysplasia, osteochondritis dissecans, gastric torsion, cancer, epilepsy, ectropion and heart disease.

Note: This dog needs a lot of space and long trips each day.