Active ingredient:  


Description of the drug :

Glyburide is a product that lowers the level of glucose in the blood.

Indications :

This drug is used in diabetic cats to try to lower their blood glucose level.

Contraindications : 

The contraindications for the use of glyburide are as follows:

  • severe burns
  • serious trauma
  • serious infections
  • hypoglycemia (low glucose level in the blood)
  • major surgery

The use of glyburide is risky when the animal is affected by the following conditions:

  • disorders of the pituitary gland or adrenal glands
  • bad functioning of the thyroid, kidney or liver
  • chronic vomiting
  • severer fever
  • malnutrition
  • bad overall condition

For more information on this subject, talk to a veterinarian or consult the package insert that accompanies this product.

Side effects : 

The most common side effects are hypoglycemia, vomiting, jaundice or liver problems.

For more information on other possible side effects, please refer to the insert that accompanies this product.

Recommended monitoring:

Make sure that the animal's condition improves and that he does not suffer any side effects.

Regular monitoring of blood glucose levels and liver functioning of the cat is recommended.

Interactions with other drugs : 

Given the many existing drug interactions between glyburide and other medications, it is important to notify the veterinarian if the animal is already receiving other medication when starting glyburide.

Storage : 

At room temperature in a tightly closed container.

Warning : 

It is important not to change the dosage of the drug or stop administering it without first consulting a veterinarian.

Keep out of the reach of children and animals.

In the presence of severe, worsening or persistent side effects, contact a veterinarian as soon as possible.