Active ingredients:

Neomycin sulphate, polymyxin B and dexamethasone.

Durg description:

It is an ophthalmic formulation composed of two types of antibiotics (neomycin and polymyxin B) and a steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (dexamethasone).

Forms available:

Solution and ointment.


Maxitrol® is used to treat eye infections caused by bacteria susceptible to neomycin and polymyxin B, as well as inflammation in the eye.


This medication should not be used unless advised by a veterinarian nor in patients who are sensitive to the ingredients in the formulation, nor in the presence of an ulcer on the cornea.  

For more information on this subject, it is best to discuss with a veterinarian or consult the monograph that accompanies this product.   

Side effects:

Some side effects are possible: inflammation of the cornea, increased pressure in the eye, blurred vision, intolerance to light, dilation of the pupils, heaviness of the eyelids, eye pain, swelling of the eye, itchy eyes, irritation, redness and tearing.

For more information on other possible side effects, please refer to the monograph that accompanies this product.  

Recommended follow-up:

Make sure that the animal's condition improves and that it does not suffer from any side effects.  

Interactions with other medications:

Maxitrol® should not be mixed directly with any other medication.  

It should also not be used in combination with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

It is important to notify the veterinarian if the animal is already receiving other medications when starting Maxitrol®.


At room temperature, without exceeding 25 o C.

Do not refrigerate.

Store it out of sight and reach of children and animals.


Wash hands after handling the product.

The eyes should be cleaned with a non-irritating solution indicated for this purpose before applying the medication.

Avoid touching the eye with the tip of the bottle.

After applying the medication, simply close the eyelids and massage gently for a few seconds to spread the product over the entire surface of the eye.

Prevent the animal from rubbing his eyes after application. If necessary, an Elizabethan collar can be used.

Disinfect the vial tip with rubbing alcohol after each application.

Any ophthalmic preparation should be discarded 1 month after first using it.

When different textures of ophthalmic medications are used at the same time, it is important to apply solutions first and then ointments.

In addition, wait 5 minutes between the application of different ocular products to allow each of them to be absorbed.