Drug description

Bravecto® is a drug that kills certain parasites living on the skin of pets.

Forms available

The product is available for cats and dogs as a liquid to pour directly on the skin.

Tasteful chews are also available for dogs.


Bravecto® is used in cats to kill fleas and prevent them from catching fleas for a period of 3 months. The product does the same thing for ticks, but for 2 months.  

In dogs, Bravecto® is used to kill fleas and ticks and prevent them from catching those parasites for 3 months.


This product should not be applied to the skin of animals that are allergic to it.

Side effects

No serious side effects have been reported in cats following the use of this product.

Bravecto® sometimes causes vomiting in dogs.

Recommended monitoring

No follow-up is necessary following the administration of Bravecto® unless side effects occur or the pet catches fleas or ticks.


Sometimes the person feels tingling or skin irritation when touching the skin where the product has been applied before it is dry (which can take up to 2 days).  

These effects are usually mild, go away on their own and usually do not require the person to see a doctor.

It is nevertheless recommended to take certain precautions to avoid that such inconveniences occur:

Wear gloves when handling and applying the medication.

  • Keep the tube upright (standing) and hold it by the end opposite to the cap.
  • Turn the cap to open the tube. The cap does not come off.
  • Push the hair out of the way so that the liquid comes into direct contact with the skin.
  • People should not touch where the product has been applied until it is no longer visible on the skin and hair of the animal.
  • Avoid all contact with skin and eyes. If this happens, rinse thoroughly with water.


Keep at room temperature.

Active ingredient